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The Best School Finder

It help to find the best school according to NECTA school performance grades.
Best School finder screen 1 At this stage, you can enter indicators for finding the best school, e.g enter subjects
Best School finder screen 2 You can enter more than one subjects as showm from the screen. Also , you can enter a region to clarify your findings.
Best School finder screen 3 After done enter criteria, now you can press Find button. Then It will work like magic and return the results.

School Compare

It help compare performance of two schools
School Compare screen 1 First when your in School Compare page, Type a school name on the input box just like shown from the screen. Then enter another school which you want to compare
School Compare screen 2 After enter two schools you wanna compare, then click compare button. Then It will do it's magic and return the comparison results.

School Page

provide various information about school
School Page Screen 1 When your viewing a school page, there some variable you will see such as Talks, Followers, School Category e.t.c
School Page Screen 2 Every School page has several menus for different action. Get use with this menu to explore more about the school.

GPA Definition

Best School is Green, Average School is Yellow, Poor School is Red.
School Average GPA = ( Olevel-GPA*(5/6.5) + Alevel-GPA*(5/7) )/2
But, in Olevel the GPA range seems to be 1 to 6.5 and in Alevel the GPA range seems to be 1 to 7. So ths school are graded as follows
Green School : 1 <= GPA <= 2
Average School : 2 < GPA <= 3
Poor School : 3 < GPA <= 5

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