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As the number of schools increases so do the number of students; there observed a need for a reliable, integrated, consistent, analytic, affordable and available source to assist education scholars from their different points of view as far as secondary education is concerned. You are one of us. Now, we all understand that the quality of education differs from one school to another due to factors like environment, availability of books, presence of committed staff and many more. Therefore, when this quality is viewed from a regional or national wise the stated conclusion may be unfair, because there are better schools in Tanzania. However, the massive failure that has been noticed for the past two three years ago as well as the absence of one-stop source of data for secondary performance trend cannot be ignored, Thus there comes ShuleWiki. ShuleWiki is the platform which provide various information regarding schools and education institutions. It help to assist decision making to all education scholars; from a student to a parent or guardian, from a school staff to a state official.

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Data integrity

This information is not 100% accurate, the platform is still under development. This is Beta version 1 product.

School Category and GPA Calculations

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